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Abhishekfilter at ACHEMA 2009,
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Abhishekfilter at CHEMTECH Exhibition, Mumbai. Year. 2009.

Name of the Directors as
Mr. Manish Mazumder , Mrs. Shilpa Mazumder & Mr. Abhishek Mazumder ( Engineering Student )


Year 2009


Year 2007


The Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters shown recently shipped from our factory to one of the Edible Oil Refinery in Pakistan. With filtration area more then 50 m2…, they are among the largest filters made in our plant for Dewaxing of Sunflower Oil.


Winterization is a separation process which allows the removal of higher melting point crystallized parts (waxes or some triglycerides) that are responsible for the turbidity of some edible oils in the winter or after refrigeration. In the case of sunflower oil, this process can also be called ‘Dewaxing.’


The following method can be used for Dewaxing sunflower oil. The conventional method, which consists of a gradual crystallization with special Kiselgur (Hyflo-super-cell) maturation and separation by HPLF.[ HORIZONTAL PRESSURE LEAF FILTER ]


The wax content of the oil depends on the oil content of the sunflower seed and the process of technology. Generally for sunflower seed with an oil content of at least 40% and the wax content is 0.65%-2.33%.


For good operation, it is necessary to remove the gums before Dewaxing.


The cooling and crystallization time, in the presence of Kiselgur, mixed with a small part of oil, is pumped from a special mixer in the crystallizer. In this crystallizer, the oil is mixed very slowly and cooled oil is introduced into the maturator to form the filterable β crystals. The maturator (without cooling coils) also has a low-speed agitator. The recommended maturation time is 5-6 hour.


From maturation, the oil is pumped through an oil heater to the HPLF. The oil is heated from 7ºc   to 12º-15ºc.Before filtration; a precoating layer is introduced into filter.



Year 2005-2006.
Duplex Basket Filters.


Abhishek Filter's  continues to be the dominant source of Basket Filter and pressure leaf filters for Cold Pressed Veg Fuel Plant.

The filters shown recently shipped from our factory to one of the  biodiesel plants in the U.K. With filtration area more then  500 square feet, they are among the largest filters ever made in our plant.

As shown in the other photos below, we have been busy fabricating many other large pressure leaf filters , Basket Filters Etc..for all type of process applications, for Development both domestically and overseas. Do you have a filtration application that you would like us to look into?


"Confidence gained in the course of liberalisation and globalisation provides inspiration for growth"
..... says Manish Mazumder, managing director, Abhishek Filtertechnik
Chemical world - May-June 2007 - Press Releases



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