Filtration Plant for Molten Sulphur

Filtration Plant for Molten Sulphur

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Molten sulphur filtration poses special demands upon filtration equipment since filtration takes place at elevated temperature and corrosion of the vessel and internals may occur unless the Ph is continuously monitored.

The sulphur viscosity is not a linear function with respect to temperature changes so that the operating temperature must be kept within certain boundaries if relatively constant filter rates are expected. All vessels, tanks, pits or piping must also be steam jacketed, in order to control above mentioned operating conditions.

Due to excessive strain placed upon the filter leaves in terms of operating temperature (between 120 and 150C), Special Filter Leaves of heavy duty  design Filter Leaves are Produced by  Abhishek Filters.


Basic filter design :

Dry Cake Discharge
  1. horizontal tank with retractable carriage, easier to clean (leaves fully exposed) more floor space, somewhat higher in costs in sqm of area than vertical tank.

Slurried Cake Discharge
  Cake reslurried in sulphur results in high sulphur load with cake or necessitates recycle to melting pit which must than be cleaned more frequently (vertical tank) filter recommended with vibrator.
Filter Tank
  1. carbon steel (5 Bar).

  2. steam jacket (5 Bar).

  3. jacketed connections (flanged).

  4. silicone or Viton gaskets.

  1. 24x110 Mesh Plain Dutch Weave  in SS316.

  2. drainage screen and balance of leaf in carbon steel or SS304.

  3. O ring gaskets in Viton.

  4. 45 leaf spacing.

  1. jacketed carbon steel precoat tank (volume equal to 1,3 times the volume of the filter tank).

  2. jacketed interconnecting pipe, valves and fittings.

  3. jacketed submerged pumps for precoating and feed.

  1. moderately coarse filter aid (Celite 503 or Dicalite Speedex).

  2. hydrated lime (0,3 0,4 kg/sqm).

  3. mix filter aid and lime with previously filtered sulphur recirculate.

  4. recirculate 10 15 minutes.

  1. maintain constant filtration rate somewhat higher than burning rate to effort filter down time and hold filtered sulphur level.

  2. variable speed pump drive recommended (steam turbine drive works out nicely).

  3. filtrate should run 0,005 % by weight.




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