Water Softening & Demineralisation Plant

Water Softening Plant

Water Softening Plant

Softening process

Removal of hardness from water is called softening. The softening is done by ion exchange process. The ion exchange process works on the replacement of the calcium and magnesium ions in the water by an equivalent number of sodium ions.

This eliminates the unwanted charasteristic of hard water because the sodium salt neither form scale nor a scum with soap but only lather.The resin will take up the calcium ion to the extent of what sodium ions resin will have with it.

Therefore, to give new sodium ions to the resins, the cheapest and the easiest mean would be to pass the solution of sodium-chloride (common-salt) through the resin. The same resin can be used over and over again to produce soft water a - periodic dossage of sodium chloride (common-salt) solution. So, recurring cost in such process is only the cost of common salt.

Demineralisation Plant

Demineralisation Plant

Water Purification
Chemical Purification
Liquid Waste Treatment
Chemical recovery & recycling

PURIC systems use the basic ion exchange principle. With this principle, ions in solution, including metallic cations such as calcium (Ca ++) and anions such as chloride (Cl -) are exchanged for other ions such as hydrogen ie. (H +) and hydrdxyl (OH-) that are contained inside synthetic ion exchange resins. By passing the solution through columns of cation and anion exchange resin, all the ions can be exchanged, leaving only hydrogen and hydroxyl, which combine, leaving pure water. Alternatively, by suitable choice of ion exchange resin, only a portion of the ions can be selectively removed.

When their exchange capacity has been exhausted,ion exchange resins can be regenerated.

Today, although the use of ion exchange for water deioniser is wide spread, its potential in other application such as chemical processing, material recovery and pollution abatement remains virtually untapped. On request write-ups on the above matter can be submitted.

Portable water deioniser
Water deionisation plant (TWO BED UNIT)

The water free from all minerals is called deionised water.

Regular water has various salts in dilute form which are called dissolved solids. Demineralised water is obtained after passing the raw water through DM Plant.


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