Pressure Sand / Quartz Filters

For general water filtration purpose. The PURIC Pressure Quartz Filter is a new development in filtration technology. It is a PURIC flow filter technology using very fine different Mesh Quartz filter media.
System is designed with the multi- branches spraying nozzle for uniform flow and Multiple engineering plastics heavy duty strainers which are fixed at the bottom tube plate for smooth underdrain system.
Raw water flows downwards through the filter bed and turbidity & suspended matter is retained on the quartz surface. Filter water is evenly collected by an under drain system in the bottom of the vessel & flow through the outlet to service. At normal flow rate a clean filter bed presents little resistance to the passage of water but as the suspended matter is removed from the water, steady rise in the loss of head occurs across the quartz bed. Cleaning of filter bed is affected by passing a reverse upward flow of water through the filter for approximately 5 minutes with the help of frontal piping arrangements.

Granular Activated Carbon Filters

To achieve the performance attributes of granular activated carbon adsorption media deep bed GAC filters are recommended. Systems are available for both the ASME code & non-code application.

Multi Media Filters

For high quality “Micronic” Filtration the use of the multi-media filter is recommended. Filtration performance can be designed for better output through different media combination.
Systems are available in various Steel Construction.


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