Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters / Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Abhishek filter's offers all kind of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters for filtration of liquids & Specially Edible Oil with suspended solid contents upto 7%. Due to its Special Design, filter cloth incorporation has been discontinued. Automatic dislodging of filtered cake by pneumatic vibrator or oscillating sluice header. Dry or wet cake discharge is possible. Filtration area upto 120m2.

Applications :

Bleaching earth /   activated carbon
Crude oil
Fatty acid

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters
Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters

Abhishek filter's Unique Design  Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters (shell retraction or bundle retraction ) features horizontal pressure vessel, S.S filter leaves, Compact pneumatic vibrator system, base structure housing, hydraulic power pack for bonnet ring opening/closing and shell or bundle retraction. Filter leaves are mounted on heavy duty outlet manifold with Sealing. Filtration areas from 1m2 to 220m2. Dry or wet cake discharge is possible.

Material of construction : Stainless steel, Carbon steel with rubber, PP, PVDF lining, Monel, inconel, etc. sealing are available in BUNA-N, Viton, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicon etc.



Winterization is a separation process which allows the removal of higher melting point crystallized parts (waxes or some triglycerides) that are responsible for the turbidity of some edible oils in the winter or after refrigeration. In the case of sunflower oil, this process can also be called ‘Dewaxing.’


The following method can be used for Dewaxing sunflower oil. The conventional method, which consists of a gradual crystallization with special Kiselgur (Hyflo-super-cell) maturation and separation by HPLF.[ HORIZONTAL PRESSURE LEAF FILTER ]


The wax content of the oil depends on the oil content of the sunflower seed and the process of technology. Generally for sunflower seed with an oil content of at least 40% and the wax content is 0.65%-2.33%.


For good operation, it is necessary to remove the gums before Dewaxing.


The cooling and crystallization time, in the presence of Kiselgur, mixed with a small part of oil, is pumped from a special mixer in the crystallizer. In this crystallizer, the oil is mixed very slowly and cooled oil is introduced into the maturator to form the filterable β crystals. The maturator (without cooling coils) also has a low-speed agitator. The recommended maturation time is 5-6 hour.


From maturation, the oil is pumped through an oil heater to the HPLF. The oil is heated from 7ºc   to 12º-15ºc.Before filtration; a precoating layer is introduced into filter.

Candle Filters

Candle Filters Candle Filters Candle Filters

Abhishek filter's Candle Filter consists of cylindrical shaped long filter elements made out of Equi-Diameter pipes. Each candle is covered with filter Socks in polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon or PVDF. These candles are housed vertically in a pressure vessel. Unique design helps in proper filtration and in end of the Process you get uniform Cake Deposition , this hapens in Strictly under ideal Pressure. Wet or dry discharge is possible by means of blow back. For continuous operation Dual  filters are Provided.

Application :

Catalyst Filtration

Edible oil
Activated carbon filtration

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters

The Vacuum Drum Filter has a broad field of application, amongst others in ore refining, hydrometallurgy, metallurgic, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, food processing and waste water treatment.

A rotary drum vacuum filter (RDVF) is a continuous filter wherein the solid constituent in a pulp or slurry is separated by a porous filter cloth or other media rotated through the pulp or slurry, with vacuum applied to the inner surface to cause the solids to accumulate on the surface as a cake or layer through which the liquid is drawn.

How it works :

The process cycle of the RDVF is continuous. Each revolution consists of cake formation, cake washing (if required), drying and cake discharge.

As the drum rotates - partially submerged in the slurry - vacuum draws the liquid through the filter medium (cloth) on the drum surface which retains the solids. The vacuum pulls air (or gas) through the cake and continues to remove liquid as the drum rotates. If required, the cake can be washed prior to final drying...and discharge.

Product Range and Application :

The rotary vacuum filter can discharge its filtered cake by means of any one of several discharge arrangements. Normally a discharge device will be selected based on the process material characteristics and how readily it is released from the filtering media.

The Precoat discharge is used when direct filtration against a cloth medium is not possible because the cake cannot be removed from the cloth or when blinding is indicated. It is typically used :

The Scraper discharge is used:

For fast filtering materials.

The Roll discharge filter is usually fitted with a very tight filter medium to retain very small particles and is used :

For discharging very thin, sticky (tacky) cakes.

Discharge Methods :

Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters
Belt Discharge Precoat Discharge Roller Discharge
Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters  
Scraper Discharge    

Single & Multi Microbag Polishing Filters

Single & Multi Microbag Polishing Filters

Single & Multi Microbag Polishing Filters

Abhishekfilters Single or Multi micro bag polishing filters are basically used for final  filtration. The baskets are housed in Vessel with proper sitting type arrangements. Filter micro bags used are PP, PPS, Polyster Polyamide or special material depending on Filtrate  conditions.

Depending on Capacity Micro Bag Filter can be Offered.

Dry Lecithin Plant

Dry Lecithin Plant

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