Micro Cartridge Filters

For removing micronic size particles from liquid and gases. The Industrial use of Micro Cartridge Filters is rapidly gaining ground. These Filters, if properly sized and correctly applied, will give excellent results.

The PURIC  brand of filters represent the State-of-the-art in the wound fibre filter technology.

These are the products of continuous improvement being made in the region of micron filtration.

The depth filtration of the micro cartridge is achieved by the diamond pattern of the winding which ensures progressively smaller flow openings.

The particle selectivity can be determined between 0.5 to 200 micrometer PURIC new activated carbon cartridge has been introduced to provide stackable carbon cartridge with a substantially increased carbon content.

PURIC carbon cartridge has cloth media pre-filtration and drainage layer microwound. This cartridge accomodates 50% more coconut shell based carbon of standard high activity grade.

PURIC wire mesh screens are made of 316 stainless steel reinforced by a heavy, perforated 316 stainless steel backing.

PURIC wire mesh cartridge are designed for retention levels down to nominal 1 micron.

Micro Wound Cartridge

Activated Carbon Cartridge Micro Metallic Mesh Cartridge
Micro Wound
Carbon Cartridge
Micro Metallic
Mesh Cartridge
Features  & Benefits :

Reliable, consistent filtration performance
PURIC Hi-tech cartridges manufactured with strict on-line  Quality Control assures you of 100% performance.
Wide Chemical Compatibility
A Selection of 3 different range of cartridges assures you both chemical compatibility as well as filtering efficiency.
Eliminates the high cost of inconsistent product quality
Every cartridge pack is dimensionally checked before dispatch.
Long filter on-stream life
Standard 9 3/4" Puric Cartridge initially has a wide volume upto 30 cubic inches. This, alongwith endless particle impaction and internal sieving sites provide long on-stream life.
Engineeed for optimum process filtration performance
PURIC Cartridge with its "Graded Pore" structure, is designed  for efficient removal of particles over wide particle range.
Fits all standard housing
PURIC filter cartridge product range is available in continuous length from 5" to 40" providing a proper fit in all Puric and other standard housings.
Avoids accidental fluid bypass
PURIC Filter Cartridge with its consistency in construction and choice of sealing option gives you a trouble free service.
Experienced application support available
The depth of the PURIC line was developed in response for solution to the customers application problem. Specialist are available to assist you in obtaining the best technical and economic solution to your filtration problem.


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