Micro Bag Filters


Micro Bag Filters Micro Bag Filters
Micro Bag Filters Micro Bag Filters
PURIC Bag Filters Unit manufactured from Needle non-woven synthetic fabric or needle woven multifilament synthetic felt fabric which are made into standard shape / size bags.
These are fitted by top seal arrangement for sealing location, into a suitable vessel. In view of the potential high differential pressure which can develop across the bag,in normal practice to provide the housing with a support basket manufactured from perforated or woven mesh to retain the bag in the operation and to protect against bag burst.
Flow of contaminated liquid is from inside to outside of the bag. Filtration in bag filter is pre-dominantly surface filtration with a degree of partial depth filtration with felted media. All these contaminants are collected in the bag, simplifying disposable of bag and contaminant change out in allowing incineration.
Features :

True depth filtration ability
High dirt holding Capacity
High flow rate at low initial pressure drop
All synthetic media means wide chemical compatibility
Choice of various filtering efficiency and fixing styles
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