Electroplating Filter Systems

Electroplating Filter Systems

Today's quality plating job requires Hi-tech and wide range of filtration system.

PURIC introduces microcartridge filter pump, plate type filter pump, micro bag filter pump system, etc. to satisfy the stringent and diverse filter requirement in plating industries.

PURIC filter system is designed to meet the demanding needs of the electroplating industries.

PURIC filter pump system is available to suit all types of plating chemicals and to remove micronic impurities and organic impurities from laboratory scale to large scale production.

Electroplating Filter Systems

This model has found increasing acceptance in jewellery manufacturers. This unit comprises of 10 watt P.P. magnetically coupled pump. The moulded/micro filter candle alongwith P.P. felt bag provides 100% filtering efficiency assembled in a transparent Polycarbonate filter body. Filtration rate is 200 to 500 LPH (On request carbon filled filter candle can be supplied).

Electroplating Filter Systems

This small filter unit is operated by a magnetic driven P.P. pump coupled to 20 watt motor. This filter unit comprises of PP moulded filter body to hold 9 3/4" p.p. microwound filter cartridge. Filtration rate is 600 to 1000 LPH.

Electroplating Filter Systems

This compact unit operates on 65 watt motor coupled to a magnetic driven PP pump.

Filtration is effective through an assembly of 25 circular filter P.P. cloth supported on a Polypropylene filter plate of 7" diameter. This filter assembly is housed within a cylindrical P.V.C. body. Filtration rate is 2000 to 2500 LPH.

Electroplating Filter Systems

This versatile model has been widely accepted in the Indian plating industry for the past many years.

A heavy duty P.P. magnetic coupled pump is assembled with the robust filter stack comprising of 20 nos filtering elements of 12" dia. The whole stack is housed within a cylindrical P.V.C. lined steel chamber. This system is mounted on a M. S. tubular trolley frame which is well balanced on castors for free movements.

Filtration rate is 4000 to 5000 LPH (On request higher capacity Plant upto 10,000 LPH can be supplied).

PURIC offers complete electroplating equipments engineered to provide satisfactory plating for various types of plating Industries.

Electroplating Filter Systems

Plating and Process tanks
Lined steel fabricated tanks are supplied with rubber lining, lead lining, PVC lining, PP/Polyglass lining to suit the critical requirement for different application.

Electroplating Filter Systems

Exhaust System
Exhaust fans : Centrifugal exhaust fan of M. S. construction suitably lined or painted. PVC, PP or FRP lined fans are also made for capacity from 500 to 10000 CFM with pressure. 15 to 100 mm WG either directly coupled or Vee belt driven by motor.

Exhaust system with hood & chimney: Fume extraction unit as per custom built requirement manufactured from M. S. suitably lined by PVC, PP, FRP or epoxy painted. The entire system consist of suction hood, ductings, exhaust fan, spray type scrubber, centrifugal pump and chimney,etc.

Electroplating Filter Systems

All our rectifiers are custom built of different voltages (DC). That is 0-16 V (DC) upto 120 V (DC). The current range is from 50 A (DC) to anything upto 5000 A (DC).

Due to corrosive atmosphere prevailing in most of the plating and Anodising shops, our oil-cooled type rectifier model is recommended.

All our rectifiers consist of regulator, transformer, rectifier, metering, indication and protection components alongwith 12 months guarantee.

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