Performance Certificates

Performance certificate by Foods Fats & Fertilisers Ltd.
Foods Fats & Fertilisers Ltd. TAT NISASTA
We are approved, and also working with the following Reputed Consultants
and Government C
ompanies in India and Overseas as listed below :

M/s. Dalal Consultants & Engineers Ltd. (Vendor Regn.Code No. DWP092).
M/s. Mecons Ltd.
M/s. Humphrey & Glassgow Consultants Ltd.
M/s. Chemithon Engineers Ltd.
M/s. Nicco Corporation Ltd.
M/s. UHDE India Ltd. (Vendor Regn.Code No. PR:VL:Mas:395)
M/s. Chemtex Engg. of India Ltd. (Vendor Regn.Code No. VL/97/MOA010)
M/s. Technomont-IBC Ltd. (Vendor Regn.Code No. 2517).
M/s. Kvaerner Power Gas India Ltd.
M/s. Kvaerner Power Gas India Ltd.
(Vendor Regn.Code No. DPS REGN 23618 CAP 357).
M/s. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
M/s. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.
M/s. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.
M/s. Indian Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (Vendor Regn.Code No. R270).
M/s. A.I.L. Rourkela (Vendor Regn.Code No. Purchase/Regn./6341/500)
M/s. Lloyds Steel Industries Ltd.



M/s. Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd.



Company is in a Position to offer Micro Filter Cartridge Testing as per M/s. N.P.C. Ltd. Approved Performance Test Certificate.

Received Product Quality and Performance Certificates for Strainers and Filters from few of our esteemed Clients as below :


Filters from few of our esteemed clients as below :

M/s. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Certificate No. : RSMD/DESS/T-8/706/98.
Certificate Date : 13th February 1998
From : Mr. P.S. Rao (Scientific Officer 'F')
M/s. Alfa Laval (India) Ltd.
Certificate No. : AFCPL/AS
Certificate Date : 31st January, 2001
From : Mr. A. Sam (Deputy General Manager - Oil & Proteins Technology)
M/s. India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd.
Certificate Date : 5th March, 1998
From : Mr. N.R.Joshi (Production Manager)
M/s. Finolex Industries Ltd.
Certificate Date : 5th March, 1998
From : Mr. N. Janardhan (Dy. General Manager-Procurement)
M/s. Amal Products Ltd.
Certificate Date : 5th March, 1998
From : Mr. C.R. Shah (Works Manager)


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